How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Presentation

22 Nov How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Presentation

If we think about it, Thanksgiving comes with a lot of predictability. We know there is bound to be fighting over the last roll, one by one people nodding off into sleep, and more pie than you thought you could ever imagine. However, it can be nice to have some uniqueness to the event each year. One of the easiest ways to switch things up can be with your table decor. Here are a few ways to “spice it up”:

Floral Arrangements
Floral arrangements can make an event special and give the “this is more than your average dinner” feel. Not only that, but they can be a good topic of conversation for the table. So, to those of you who want to stay away from the “what’s new in your life” topic, you’re welcome. But wait, it gets better: You can give away the arrangement as a gift to show your gratitude to someone who may have helped make the day a little less stressful for you.How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Presentation IMG 8354

You may be feeling a floral arrangement isn’t in the budget this year. Again, no worries, we have some ideas for you to pull out that “DIY side” that you’ve been hiding:

  • Utilize items in your own yard (pinecones, fall leaves, acorns, etc.)
  • Take a quick trip up into the mountains and collect like things such as evergreens and fall leaves. The key is to make it as bountiful as possible (see what we did there).
  • Get creative. Add anything you already have in your house with similar colors: pomegranates, apples, gourds, candles, succulents, etc.
  • Consider using a pumpkin as the “vase” of your arrangement.
  • Remember you can always go to the closest grocery store to you, buy a small pre-made arrangement, and then just add to it.

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Table Setting
Before you get started, it’s important to get a vision of what you’re wanting. Are you wanting it to be a formal occasion, or as simple as can be? What sort of group will you be serving this year? Do you want food to be served family style or buffet? Answering some of these bigger questions beforehand can making the smaller ones less daunting. Other things to consider in your table setting include the following:


Color Scheme

  • Decide on what you want to use as a focal point(a vase, candles, candleholders, that floral arrangement you just learned how to make, etc.)How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Presentation IMG 5443 1
  • Utilize your resources and use what you already have.



  • Decide what is going to fit best in the space you have to use. Keep in mind the guests that you’ll be having.



  • Determine if you are wanting to use all china, all disposable, or a little of both.
  • Remember: it is possible to have to have a beautiful table with disposable items.
  • If you aren’t sure where to get your tableware, check out This is a great opportunity to use a sturdy plate that is eco-conscious, disposable, and pairs beautifully with flatware and glassware.


With all this great information you are bound to have the most stunning Thanksgiving yet! Happy Thanksgiving from your LUX family.


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