Tips for a Tasty Turkey This Thanksgiving

21 Nov Tips for a Tasty Turkey This Thanksgiving

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Did you know that on average 46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving? How many of those 46 million do you think were cooked correctly? Let’s be honest– I’m not exactly sure that we would want to know the answer. Sure, none of us want to make a tasteless and dried out turkey, but even more importantly we don’t want any of our loved ones getting sick due to handling it improperly. Our Executive Chef here at LUX wants to make sure your food is handled safely this year. Here are some of his tips:


  • It is best to thaw your turkey out in the fridge overnight (or up to two days depending on the size of the turkey).
  • If you end up running out/not having enough time for that, thaw by putting the turkey under running cold water.

*The last thing you want to do is let your turkey sit on the counter. This way can contribute to drying out the turkey.*


  • Make sure you have your own thermometer to check the temperature of the turkey. The pop up thermometers that come with turkeys can’t be trusted–so don’t risk it!
  • The turkey should get to 165°f while cooking. It’s best to check in a few different spots, but the best spot is the thigh/leg.
  • Although tradition would teach you to cook your stuffing IN the turkey is the route to go, we are here to teach otherwise. Cooking the stuffing in the turkey will affect the temperature overall and, in most cases, leads to salmonella.


  • If you want to use your turkey drippings to make a gravy it’s important that you make sure to bring it to a boil to make sure you get the proper temperature as well.


We hope this helps you feel more confident in your cooking this year. Happy Thanksgiving from your LUX family!

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