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30 Jan Join us in Celebrating National Croissant Day!

It's National Croissant Day - with a name like ours it would be a crime not to celebrate! While we contemplated a big company party, we thought it would be more fun to share with you our recipes, favorite locations and more on how to celebrate this tasty and flaky day.

History of the Croissant

But first, some history. While many think of croissants as the quintessential French pastry, the croissant was actually invented in Austria. It's 1683 and the Turkish Empire has surrounded Vienna, Austria with plans of invading the city. These plans included digging tunnels and surprising the city from underground. However, they were not expecting Vienna's bakers, who worked in basement storerooms and heard the noises from the Turkish army's tunneling efforts. The bakers alerted the army and the siege was thwarted. To celebrate, the bakers baked their bread in a crescent shape, the symbol of the Turkish¬†Empire. It then became customary to eat these crescent shaped pastries with coffee in the morning... at least that is how the legend goes. So how did the croissant become synonymous with France? Supposedly, the Austrian-born princess, Marie Antonia, who married the French Douphin and became the legendary Marie Antoinette, introduced the pastries to the French aristocracy who dubbed them "Croissants". The history of the croissant for National Croissant Day  
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