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24 Sep Cherries Jubilee Day

National Cherries Jubilee Day is here and we are highlighting our live action cherries jubilee crepe station! But before we get to the yummy pictures...

A Brief History of Cherries Jubilee

Cherries jubilee is a dessert that consists of cherries in a sauce, usually a simple syrup, flambéed in some kind of liquor (typically brandy, or kirschwasser). It is served as a dessert topping, usually on ice cream (or our favorite: atop warm, freshly made crepes). Cherries jubilee is generally credited as being created by chef Georges-Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebrations in the late 19th century - hence the name!  
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23 Jul Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with Gourmet Hot Dogs!

It's National Hot Dog Day and we couldn't help but think more about that American staple, the quintessential summer menu item - the hot dog! Culturally imported from Germany to early America, the hot dog was sold as fast and cheap working class lunches off street carts in large cities. Over time, the simple yet yummy treat became associated with summer, baseball and Americana. There is no definitive knowledge of how the hot dog got it's silly name; many instances of the word duo referencing this form of sausage consumption can be found in publications dating back to the late 19th century. As the hot dog spread across the country, variations invariably sprung up to match the unique flavor demands of each region. How many hot dog varieties can you think of for each part of America?
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18 Jun Utah Corporate Barbecues by Lux Catering and Events

Today is International Picnic Day and we celebrated by making over 600 boxed lunches!   Our boxed lunches include a gourmet sandwich, kettle chips, a pickle spear and a sweet treat made fresh in our bakery. We've updated our lunch and To Go menus with new sandwich and salad options - take a look! Shout out to the LeCroissant team for putting together such an order so quickly and smoothly! We hope our clients enjoy their lunches in traditional picnic style: outside on the grass in the beautiful Utah sunshine! With all this sandwich making, we got to thinking that summer is just around the corner. With the first day of summer falling on Father's Day this Sunday (Happy early Father's Day dads!), our minds were led to BBQs! With bright, sunny weather in our forecast and a reason to get together with the family, we imagine plenty of barbecues will be happening this weekend. Here is a featured event we planned and catered for a corporate barbecue last summer: Rustic decor for Utah corporate barbecues
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12 Nov Corporate Art Show Event featuring Lux Catering and Events

We had the pleasure of catering and being a part of an art show organized by one of our corporate clients featuring several local vendors, including Lux Catering and Events! Our inspiration when decorating the event was the fall harvest season, in particular invoking the feelings of warmth and comfort. In order to achieve this, we decorated with natural woods and greenery, autumn squash & pumpkin, rich colors, and bathing candlelight. 2014-11-12 12.53.24-2
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01 Oct International Caterers Association-Culinary Learning Journey of Utah Luncheon at Slide Ridge Honey

We recently had the pleasure of coordinating a luncheon for the International Caterers Association's (ICA) Culinary Learning Journey through Utah. The inspiration for this event was "Farm to Table" featuring foods grown and harvested locally as well as products made in Utah by farmers and artisans.   The Location -- Slide Ridge Honey is located in Mendon, UT. This scenic little country town is in Cache County and just a short drive through the stunning Logan canyon and it's picturesque fall colors. As the vans pulled into the location, we were greeted by a busy yet friendly honey bee welcoming us to Slide Ridge. Slide Ridge Honey, a family of beekeepers, maintain thousands of beehives throughout Northern Utah mountains and create honey wine vinegars, wine, raw honey and other honey products. We loved meeting this beautiful family and experiencing the love they have for their bees and their products, after all, a happy bee makes beautiful honey. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" class=" "] Slide Ridge Honey Mendon, Utah[/caption]
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